We help the community of Misiones, the man who works the farm, and anyone who wants to develop and make progress, addressing issues such as health, sports, education, and culture, through academic scholarships at primary, secondary, advanced, and university level.

It was created on June 8th 1989, as a public welfare institution under the name of «Fundación Bronislada Kruchowski de Szychowski», in honor to the wife and partner of Mr. Juan Szychowski, founder of the firm La Cachuera S.A.-Mrs. Broña, as she was called, was a Polish immigrant, who arrived to our red land when she was 8 years old, together with her parents and siblings. She settled down here and built together with his husband, a life of hard work and sacrifice, bringing up their 8 children.

The Foundation named after her, has been organized with the main goal of helping the community of Misiones, the man working the farm and anyone who wishes to develop and make progress, addressing issues such as health, sports, education, and culture, through academic scholarships at a primary, secondary, advanced or university level.-

In 1991, thanks to the funds granted by the firm La Cachuera S.A., a work which almost took two years of construction, namely the Special School Nº 5 «República de Polonia», was finished, located in the City of Apóstoles, with premises specially prepared to give room to 100 handicap children.

The foundations and the first classrooms of the Provincial Technical Education School Nº 5 of the City of Apóstoles was built, the computer room of which is called «Juan Szychowski».

In 1992, we created the primary school «La Negrita», in the neighboring area of Gobernador Virasoro, Province of Corrientes, to which 45 children attend. Recently, we have opened its kindergarten area.

We also make contributions to churches, parishes, native people from our province, and make donations to several offices of Cáritas.

The Foundation supports broadcasting and informative actions about scientific knowledge issues; it supports, promotes, and protects wild life, ecology, and culture preservation.

It provides assistance to orphan minors, the elderly, handicap people, people in health emergency situations, poor people and families, through contributions and donations to hospital, health care centers, support to school canteens, and donations of didactic and bibliographic material.

Schools member of our foundation.

  • Special School Nº 5 «República de Polonia»
  • Provincial Technical Education Nº5
  • Primary School «La Negrita».

¿How to make donations to the Foundation?

Address: Avenida Rademacher 2.653 – Posadas (3.300) Misiones.
Phone: (+54 03758)  422077 interno 220.
E-mail: [email protected]
Schedule:  Monday to Friday  8 am to 12pm-  3 pm to 7pm.

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